Flight Lessons

The cost and time frame involved with becoming licensed pilot varies based on your schedule.

Once you decide to begin taking flight lessons, the most important thing to remember is to have FUN. Don’t focus on trying to rush through the task. Enjoy the journey; you will learn and retain your lessons more effectively with this mindset.

This is an accomplishment that you will be very proud of and will be with you forever.

For the most effective way to complete the process of becoming a licensed pilot is recommended that you plan at least one lesson per week.
You should be able to fly solo after only 8 weeks, providing you opportunities to practice on your own.
You can expect to complete your lessons and receive your license within 6 to 9 months. However, if your schedule allows, it is possible to receive your license in much less time. A good example of this scenario is a student who has a free schedule during the summer.
You set the pace, you schedule the lessons.
The cost involved with obtaining your Private Pilot License average $12,000 and up but may vary more or less depending on the student and the aircraft you wish to train in.   This is a pay as you go program.  There are Student Loans available through various sources.

Great Airplanes & Great Instructors will make the journey fly by!

Steps to becoming a licensed Pilot

Discovery Flight

Discover what flight training offers by scheduling a discovery flight.  Your flight instructor will allow you to fly the airplane to get a feel for how our aircraft flies.  This is especially good for someone who has not yet been in a small aircraft, and/or for someone who wants to get to know the instructor better.  After the flight, it is a good time to sit with your instructor to learn about the materials needed, lesson timing, equipment, and costs involved in becoming a pilot.

Computer Based Instruction (CBI) or in person

HCA prefers to use a combination of various online and in person instruction as the primary tool for “ground school”.  You can choose an online ground school of your choosing or meet one on one for in person ground schooling.  Online lessons on your computer can be completed at your own pace, then go “fly” that lesson with your instructor.  This allows you to learn faster, and retain, through repetition, more of the material presented.

Start your Flying Lessons

The fun begins! Learn the basic techniques such as climbs and descents, turns and banks, and takeoffs and landings. Your flight instructor will be right there with you explaining and demonstrating various maneuvers.

Schedule your flying lessons using SkyScheduler, a web-based tool which allows you the convenience of scheduling online from anywhere. You’ll be able to see an instructor’s (and airplane’s) availability with the click of the mouse.

Obtain your Aviation Medical Certificate.

This is a very simple process. FAA requirements specify that pilots have a medical certificate prior to flying solo in an airplane. This involves passing a brief physical examination administered by a doctor who is an FAA-authorized medical examiner. HCA can provide a listing of local medical examiners.

 Your First Solo Flight

After 15 or so flight instruction hours, you should be ready to make your first solo flight. Typically, this involves 3 consecutive takeoffs and full-stop landings. A very rewarding experience.

Advance through Ground Lessons and build Flight Time and Experience

This portion of your flight training will allow you to become comfortable with more advanced techniques and maneuvers. You’ll acquire additional solo time, night flying experience, and complete your first “solo cross-country” flight.

Pass your FAA Written Test

This is a computer based, multiple choice test that when passed with a score of 70% or better demonstrates that you possess the basic knowledge required to obtain your Private Pilot License.

Pass your FAA Flight Exam

You’ll fly with an FAA examiner who will test your ability to apply all you have learned. Your flight instructor will ensure that you are fully prepared for the “Check Ride” and pass with flying colors (pun intended).

 Enjoy your Privileges as a Private Pilot!

Take a trip somewhere with family or friends. Go ahead, you’ve earned it. Enjoy the beauty of the sunset from the air!

Advance to an Instrument or Commercial Rating

HCA offers additional instruction for pilots wishing to gain additional ratings to their Private Pilot certification.  Gain confidence and fly through the clouds with an Instrument rating.  Make money with a commercial license or take up teaching by adding that Flight Instructor Certificate.  We also offer high performance ratings in our Cessna 182.

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