Dick has been a flight instructor for over 30 years. He has been instructing students at Hendricks County Aviation for the past 10 years.

“I enjoy flight instruction as much now as when I first started.  What I do has some very special moments’, like when a student first flies the airplane by themselves. This usually happens between the 14th and 20th hour of flight instruction. Another is the day they achieve their dream of becoming an FAA licensed Private or Commercial Pilot or acquire an instrument rating.  My students have been high school students wanting to acquire their Private Pilot’s license before college, to senior citizens and everyone in-between.  I feel really privileged to have met so many wonderful people during my tenure as a flight instructor.”

Brady Burke

Brady began flight training in 2009 with Dick Stevens, and successfully earned his Private Pilot License in June 2011. He graduated from the flight training program at Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight Technology, May 2015. Brady has been a flight instructor since August 2013, and is flight instructing to build enough hours to be hired by a regional airline such as SkyWest or Republic Airways. He plans to progress from a regional airline to United Airlines as quickly as possible, and one day fly the Boeing 777 at United.

“I thoroughly enjoy flight instructing. You have the opportunity to coach someone and watch them grow in the pursuit of a very exciting goal – becoming a licensed pilot. There are few things more rewarding than shaking your student’s hand after they fly an airplane solo for the first time, or when they complete their training and pass the flight exam administered by the FAA. It is a challenging and thrilling career, and I have truly loved every second of it. I’m honored that I can instruct for the flight school that helped my dream become reality – and I look forward to serving the Hendricks County Aviation community.”

Dick Stevens

Hendricks County Aviation