2012 Cessna 172S with Garmin G1000

2015 Cessna 182T/G1000 - IFR current

Non Club Price -- $225/hr - Wet

Club Price -- 195/hr - Wet

Instructor -- $45/hr       Club Rate -- $40/hr

Rental Rates

2012 Cessna 172S/G1000 - IFR current

Non Club Price -- $165/hr - Wet

Club Price -- 145/hr - Wet

Instructor -- $45/hr       Club Rate -- $40/hr

2015 Cessna 182 with Garmin 1000 & A/C

Rental Rates

Fly in Luxury with this 2015 Cessna 182T with G1000, air conditioning and Autopilot. Boasting a larger cabin, and a high performance 235hp engine with constant speed prop you will be sure to enjoy a nice cross country trip to the destination of your choosing. 

1979 Cessna 172N/Garmin 650 - IFR current

Non Club Price -- $150/hr - Wet

Club Price -- 135/hr - Wet

Instructor -- $45/hr       Club Rate -- $40/hr

Our Rental fleet has something for everyone.  From the Budget friendly flier to the advanced avionics of today and autopilot for those long cross countries.  We currently have 3 models on hand ready to fly you to the destination of your choice.  We would be happy to help you choose a model that fits your needs, advance your flying skills or expand your aircraft flying experience. 

Rental Rates

1979 Cessna 172N with G5 & Garmin 650 GPS

The Cessna 172S with Garmin 1000 glass panel is the go to for many renters & students.  This Technicologically advanced aircraft has a 180 hp engine with the latest in navigation technology including an auto pilot. 

Looking for something simple, cheap, unique?  Our 1979 Cessna 172N has seen many of passengers and students through the years. This gem has character after years of experience in the sky.  Some steam gauges mixed with a Garmin 650 with Bluetooth connectivity and G5 this carbureted model is fun just to get you in the air while keeping in the budget!

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